Product Review: Mond’Sub Collagen Silk Mask – Anti-Wrinkle and Moisturizing

The Thoughts Of A Girl

We all know that time is flying by, and we are all aging… unfortunately I have reached a stage where I have got to start taking that extra care of my skin to make sure I look my pretty self… hehehe…no modesty here!

Today’s review is on a product that is apt for just that…taking care of aging skin!


It has been all over Insta and most of the popular bloggers have reviewed it…I am talking about the Mond’Sub Masks. The Collagen Silk Mask Series to be more particular!

I received this mask a while back, and due to some allergy issues, I was avoiding anything on my face for abit. But I finally had to try it, and am so glad I did.

Something about the brand


Mond’Sub masks are relatively new in the market. They really don’t have too much info about the company available online though they…

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