Atlantis Skincare Eyecream Review.

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Hi Guys! Hope you are all doing well.
Today I’m reviewing this Eyecream from Atlantis Skincare.


Meet Zane Piese

Meet Zane Piese – Atlantis Skincare founder, formulator and entrepreneur. A person with passion, expertise and dynamics to create this outstanding natural skincare brand that offers unique experience to the skin and senses. It’s a ritual within a skincare.

So pure and filled with goodness of nature that you can even feel it’s vibrating energy. Every ingredient is carefully researched and selected, making sophisticated products that not only offer your skin special pleasure but also prevent and slow the aging process. Zane gets up every day and works for it with such passion, care and love. She truly inspires everyone around her.



❤️Priced at 2680 INR or £34.99.❤️



❤️Product Description ❤️
This gentle anti aging eye cream with hyaluronic acid is specially…

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#Product Review – Pantene Oil Replacement


Hair problems are common with all of us. Oiling is recommended since generations! Remember your grandparents always advocating it to you!

The way our body needs nourishment, don’t you feel sometimes our hair needs it too?

Our current lifestyle may or may not give us the time for a good old champi. Oiling helps to give us long beautiful tresses but comes with its own set of issues. We find shortcuts – apply it and just sleep after applying it, apply it just before a shower or don’t apply it at all.

Even if we apply we leave stains of oil on our clothes, walls everywhere we move. So again, we create a mess. Complete yuck!!

I faced similar issues only to get everyone’s unwanted attention and advice. “Don’t apply oil”, “Carry this towel everywhere when you want to rest your head on the wall”, “Don’t rest on that wall. Its painted…

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Makeup Mystery

Hi Guys! You already know my love for natural products, and Today I’m introducing a new brand to you that is LASS Naturals.


ALL the products from Lass Naturals are 100% parabens free, they donot contain any harsh chemicals or SLS in them. They are 100% Vegan & they cruelty free.

First product that I’m really happy about is this Lass Naturals Fruit Blast FACEWASH.
Priced @ 115 for 50ml.

– 100% Vegan, free from parabens, Animal Products etc.
– Very gentle on skin.
– Doesnt irritate skin.
– It’s a soap free formula.
– Enriched with vitamin C.
– It has skin rejuvenating properties.
– It is suitable for all skin types.
– Free from SLS, SLES ,Pthalates.
– Instantly brightens up face.
– It has very refreshing fruity fragrance, which I’m sure everyone is going to love.
– Due to presence of fruit extracts it adds…

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Beauty Secrets Revealed With The Ancient Beauty Products


A flawless skin is what a girl aims for…

My endeavour has been to keep an eye on products which have natural and organic ingredients and are not chemical-based for my skin. I won’t say I have been able to achieve this 100% however if I check my stash I would have much higher percentage of such products.

I came to know about The Ancient Beauty Products by Dr Deepti Sehgal.

Blog 190 - The Ancient Beauty - 2.jpg

With so many credits to herself, my initial reaction was very positive and I was fascinated with the company name – “The Ancient Beauty Products.” 

Their products are based on your skin type, its a complete range of products fulfilling your daily skin needs and you won’t need any other product. I have a sensitive combination skin and I exactly got products suiting to my skin. I got a guide on how to use the products with some great…

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Subscription Review: The Hit List November Fab Bag

The Thoughts Of A Girl

I was quite excited about the Hit List November Fab bag. The holographic finish was quite interesting… and the products too.


First the bag… I received my November Fab Bag with a thread hanging out..and a slight tug at that, thinking it was an extra thread, and the zipper stitching opened out. It was quite disappointing. The quality overall seems nice, I guess I just got a bad piece.


Now for what was in that shiny pouch:

  • Bella Voste Ulti-Matte Chubby Stick
  • The Nature’s Co Starrize Mandarin Sugar Body Scrub
  • Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash
  • Kronokare Bash the Gloss Moisturizing Face Cream
  • Fadlor Naturalich Exotic Herbal Infusions Shampoo


An exceptionally good variety of makeup, skin care & hair care, the Hit List Edition Fab Bag is quite a complete package.

  1. Bella Voste Ulti-Matte Chubby Stick


This was the usual product f choice, and I was really happy that they had…

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Subscription Box Review: My Envy Box October Anniversary Edition

The Thoughts Of A Girl

I know it’s late for an October box review but since I got a few requests to still post a review, here it is.

A little late but finally the My Envy October Beauty Box Anniversary Edition box reached me. I was awaiting it because it had an amazing collection of products I so wanted to try out.

First about the box. Super classy in a black matte finish, this box is perfect to adorn any beauty dresser. I absolutely adore the oh so sophisticated look it has!

Now for what was in my box and what I eagerly awaited:

  • KinGirls Macarons
    • Truffle & Cocoa 3D Face Mask
    • Raspberry Extract Invisible Face Mask
  • Omorfee Green Apple Face Wash
  • Wella Professionals
    • Oil Reflections – Luminous Reveal Shampoo
    • Oil Reflections – Luminous Reboost Mask
  • Elixir – Toning Elixir

All the products were impressive and this truly came out to be an anniversary…

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Product Review: VedaEarth Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack + Facial Oil Combo

The Thoughts Of A Girl

I ain’t really the types to cake myself over with make-up to cover flaws, and though I do believe make-up can be used to enhance your features, I think it all starts from clear healthy skin. And that is what I aim for…

Of course, we all have those common skin concerns at some point or another. Either we get acne scars or pigmentation and even the most often flawless skin needs some pampering to bring it back to its true glory. To help with this pampering, VedaEarth have come up with this amazing daily use solution, that not only helps clear any pigmentation but also lighten scars and leave the skin clear and radiant. It is the VedaEarth Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack + Facial Oil Combo!

Something about the brand


It is all in the name – Veda and Earth, where knowledge meets nature’s bounty! VedaEarth is a brand that…

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