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Hello Mommies , Hope you all are doing well.. In My Earlier Posts I Discussed The Two Major Blogs In Sponsor With “Skola Toys ” And That are : 1) Impact Of Toys In Child Learning . 2) Learning Journeys Designed As Play . I Hope You…

Singapore – The Lion City


We happened to visit Singapore last December, the Lion City or the Little Red Dot as some refer it.

We stayed there for 2.5 days but explored quite a few places. The first half day was kept for the City tour wherein we visited the Merlion Park. Merlion is the symbol of Singapore which is a half lion and half fish structure. The fish represents the origin of Singapore as the fishing village while the lion represents the name of the country.

You have a fountain with Merlion and small gardens around wherein you could sit back and relax for some time. Its used by the students to study as well as its very peaceful out there.

We did a city detour and then finally we had attended the Creatures of the Night Show. It’s a 20-25 min odd show which is interactive. With the backdrop of the…

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