Lockdown time -Multiply love by sharing chores


A sudden decision of lockdown just shaken us all very badly & made our routine life upside down. Before March no one of us has ever imagined a life without maids, friends, and outdoor activities. It was hard to manage with limited essentials, but our homemakers manage very well with it. As this situation was for her & her family’s safety, she manages with fewer essentials & once again proves her talent by balancing her budget & family member’s happiness.

This time Ariel India #sharetheload came up with the concept of Saluting all the women warrior at home, who played the roles unimagined and tried to be the best versions of themselves in every little moment. They extended the limitation of working & did more than what they did earlier. And with that Ariel India appreciating all the men’s who understand the untold pressure story of women in house &…

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