Summer outfit 101

Unnati Malik

Hey you all, been long since I’ve posted here.

But I’ve got y’all covered. I’ll be coming up with the latest and in-trend summer outfits.

Let me start off by sharing a picture of the look that I created.

I absolutely love this look. It is super hot out there and you don’t want to wear the basic jeans-top set that every other college girl wears! 🤪

In this outfit, I paired up a pair of striped shorts with a plain white tube top and it simply goes off so well. To add a little height, I also added a pair of light pink coloured shoe boots that look absolutely stunning with the outfit.

I paired up this outfit with a nice pink- golden sling bag that completes the outfit.

This outfit is super comfortable and you can wear it to college or probably for a day out with friends.

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