Peel Off Nail paint Review – Born Pretty Store

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Recently i came across PEELOFF nail paints on BORN PRETTY STORE website.

Peel Off as in you don’t need a nail paint remover to remove it. You can just peel them off. Sounds interesting. Right?

In PEEL OFF there are few series. Such as –

  • Glitter temptation series,
  • Green/Love Joy Series,
  • Pink/sweet bubble series,
  • Red series.

Each series has a number of nail paints. For eg – in red series there were 5-6 nail paint with different shades of red and so on.

I got 3 peel off nail paints from series – glitter, green and pink. It was really hard for me to choose the shades as all the shades were so amazing. Let’s see which shades i got.

The shades i got are-

  • Blooming Plum (glitter series),
  • Mistletoe (green/love joy series),
  • Ms Style (pink/sweet bubble series).

Check Glitter Series HERE

Check Green Series HERE

Check Pink Series

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