My Baby Is Smiling Now – I Have A Solution For Her Blocked Nose

The Thoughts Of A Girl

As a mom, my daughter’s health and well-being has always been my biggest concern. With the crazy weather fluctuations and polluted air in India, my daughter would often fall sick.

All it took was for someone in the house to catch a cold and immediately Khushi would catch it too.

As a baby, though she couldn’t speak out loud, she made sure we knew when she was uncomfortable with a stuffy nose. She would be howling through the night and she just couldn’t sleep peacefully as it was difficult to breathe. Babies are natural nose-breathers and when they have a stuffy nose, it gets extremely uncomfortable and they have difficulty in breathing. The concept of breathing from their mouth isn’t natural for them and of course, they don’t adjust to it easily.

As a mom, I would be up trying everything possible to make it better for her – balms…

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