Liebster Award: Talking about my favorite bloggers and myself

Chaitali's Musings

Hi friends

It has been weeks since I last posted. Life keeps throwing me curve balls in shape of anxiety attacks and I keep dodging them. But this post is not about that; it is about this beautiful blogger award called Liebster Award. Now you may ask what is a Liebster Award and how come you got nominated for it? Well for starter, it is an award solely for bloggers given by bloggers. Now they don’t give out actual awards, but by mentioning that I love this blogger or that blogger, you are promiting and encourging these bloggers especially if they are newbie like me. In a sense, it is like a chain mail and like any chain mail, once nominated, you can either accept and forward it or abonden it. Of course, I was not going to pass out this oppurtunity to give shoutout to my favorite blogger friends!!

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