Product Review: TestnReview – Mond’Sub Gold Facial Crystal Collage Mask / Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes

The Thoughts Of A Girl

Times are changing and I am so glad for that. Bloggers usually really have to struggle at marketing themselves and it gets so difficult, many give up along the way. It takes time and investment and unless you have the time, more often than not, people just give up cause of lack of visibility.

Along comes platforms like testnreview, which give aspiring bloggers an opportunity to highlight and market themselves to the world. Not only do they provide a platform but support in collaborating bloggers with various brands out in the market. A win-win for all.

Through testnreview I received two products to review.


  • Mond’Sub Gold Facial Crystal Collage Mask
  • Duft Face & Hand Moist Wipes

Let’s review them one at a time.

Mond’Sub Gold Facial Crystal Collagen Mask


While I have already tried Mond’Sub Masks, this was the first time I tried out the Gold Collagen Variant. I recently…

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