Can I Cook? Maybe!

Delectable Reveries

I am decent cook and took to cooking very naturally, thanks to my parents – both of whom are excellent cooks. But I had always wondered how a person who has never been too inclined to step into the kitchen would react to a situation where he/she has to cook a meal. So when Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal invited me for her ravioli making class, I asked my friend, an auto-tech journalist by profession and ‘a fish out of water in the kitchen’, Shouvik to accompany me for the class.

Now, the idea was to see him dealing with the tasks of learning and managing in a kitchen studio and then write an account about the same, for my blog. But, my extremely overwhelmed friend requested if I’d allow him to do a guest post for the blog and write a first person account of his first cooking class experience. 


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