The Taj Nasik: Of The Old And The New

Delectable Reveries

“Here was a hotel to rival the best in the world, built by an Indian – designed by an Indian architect, too – and run by an Indian.”

– R.M Lala, Beyond The Last Blue Mountain

One thing that happens as you grow up is that the time that you spend with family unconsciously reduces due to myriads of responsibilities and commitments. My family and I have been planning a vacation since a long time, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it somehow never materialised. So finally, when chance presented itself in the form of a quick getaway to Nasik, we jumped on it.

Nasik is approximately 170kms from Mumbai, and a smooth drive on the NH160 ensures that you reach the destination in approximately 3 hours. This season was ideal, with the light drizzle along the way and a dulcet scenery adding to the amazing playlist that we curated.


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