TLC done, Just Right at The Wedding Clinic 

Being Momtastic

Hi Guys,Hope you all are doing well, In sha Allah
Ever since I fell pregnant and all the events that follow after that, taking care of my skin was nowhere on the list

Obviously, there are so many other important things to focus on but little did I know that ignoring my skin will make me a “whine box” later

Yes , I regret and I’d suggest you don’t make that mistake

Whether you are married or unmarried

Pregnant or not, Skin care is a must for every woman once you hit the number “25”

Your skin undergoes a massive change with all the hormonal changes and various other factors that can be your lifestyle, eating habits too

One of the major skin concern that I am going through is “Dark Circles” which obviously started when I was pregnant as I had a lot of discomfort in sleeping and post…

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