#ChaiPakodaDay: Discovering Mumbai One Pakoda At A Time

Delectable Reveries

Always upbeat about celebrating the international food observance days, it was high time someone took charge and lead the way to celebrate the diversity of Indian cuisine, and who better than Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, a food expert who has committed herself to revive the Indian regional cuisine and give it the place it deserves in the hearts of our people. So after a successful ‘aam achaar day’, ‘papad-badi day’, ‘masala day’ and ‘pulao biryani day’, it was time for the much awaited monsoon favourite ‘chai pakoda day.’

20733084_10155400360906183_1431792972_n Rushina and I (Vernika Awal), at Sodabottleopenerwaala

Rushina called me up and suggested that we collaborate for this day and she invited ideas from my end to promote this and to make it a national level success through social media. So after much brainstorming we mutually decided that a visual medium along with a personal touch is…

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