Discovering India One Plate At A Time: A Kutchi Bhatia Meal

Delectable Reveries

I’ve spent my growing years in multiple states of India and it is something I take pride in, as I grew up to be more sensitive towards other communities and their culture. Ask anyone in the family and they’d tell you how conversations were always a driving force for me and the keenness to adapt and explore more never seized (thank God!). When in Dehradun I danced to the beats of the famous “bedu paako baara maasa”, a local song, in my school functions and devoured that delicious thechvani. In Assam I learnt to value the natural ingredients and drape those beautiful mekhola chadors, in Mumbai the value of time became a practice instead of just a quote and thanks to my  schooling and my Gujarati friends, I fell in love with the simple Gujarati cuisine. Add to that the time I’ve spent in my college and residential…

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