Brand & Product Review: Kronokare Go A(Long) Way Growth Boosting Hair oil

The Thoughts Of A Girl

This week is special because I am going to do a brand series!

It is a brand I have been using since a long time now and there some products which I just can’t do without. With every launch of theirs, they bring in better products to the market and absolutely adore them!

I am talking about Kronokare!

logoSomething about the brand

“Chronos” is regarded as the God of Time in Greek Mythology. Kronokare – a vision in cosmetics ahead of time.

All Kronokare products are Sulphate free, paraben free, mineral oil free and silicone free. Their formulations are created avoiding any harmful chemicals or harsh surfactants. They are enriched with widely sourced natural active ingredients like essential oils, botanical extracts and seed oils and always keen on better developing themselves.

They believe in cruelty free products and expect the same of their vendors. No animal testing and environmentally responsible…

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