1st Anniversary Special: Herbivore, A Vegetarian’s Delight

Delectable Reveries

One may often think that despite all the fanciful menus meticulously describing the innovative dishes at a restaurant, there is simply lesser interest and excitement in store for vegetarians. Most of the vegetarian options fall back on paneer and the beloved aloo to gain the diner’s trust, and while we have never expressed any form of disdain about them, it really is time that we learnt to look beyond the easy obvious.

Enter, Chef Bela Gupta

There’s a look of affirmative confidence on Chef Bela Gupta‘s face as she speaks of Herbivore, her brainchild. She used her decades of experience in the retail industry to travel far and wide, and the love for food persisted strongly enough for her to have scribed nearly 3,000 off the hook recipes from no single point.

This gave her a vantage point to host parties, where she would lay out an exhaustive…

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