#My Envy Box – July 2017 | Unboxing & Review


The monsoons have stepped up in most parts of the country and lush green waves are taking over the dry and parched earth. Welcome the season of green love with July My Envy Box 2017 – #IntoTheWild.

Blog 160 - My Envy Box - July 2017 - 1.jpgExcitement begins to open the box –

Blog 160 - My Envy Box - July 2017 - 2.jpgWhat do we have first…

Coccoon: Eternal Youth Serum –Full Size (30 gm) – 💲 Rs 599/-

Daily wear tear affects our body and skin too. We need to nourish both. For a flawless skin you need to use the right products which dont harm it but brings out the glow. We have this Eternal Youth Serum from Coccoon which is a full size product with natural ingredients.

Its powerful and lightweight. Wake up to a beautiful you!

Vert: Solid Perfume –Full Size (10 gm) – 💲 Rs 1300/-

Another lovely product from Vert is this solid perfume, fills the…

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