Review of Aerth Natural Products

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Hi there friends, hope you are all doing well. I know I am writing a post after a long time, but I promise you, I will be boring you in coming weeks because I have plenty of posts planned (I was using products I wanted to review). So let’s start with today’s products.

Today I am going to review two products from Aerth Natural. Both of them came as part of a subscription box, and as usual I have forgotten which one and which month!! But most probably in May. Anyway, the brand is all natural and is SLEs free, SLS free, Paraben free and they don’t taste on animals. Also no artificial fragrance is used in their product. They are based in Uttarakhand.

Aerth Naturals Hair Protein Pack

So going ahead, the first product on review is their Hair Protein Pack. It came in a zip lock pouch with…

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