Product Review: Greenberry Organics – MudAsh 3 in 1

The Thoughts Of A Girl

Apologies for posting after a while, was out of town and kinda occupied, but am back!

Today I am gonna tell you about an amazing product doing the rounds. People can’t seem to stop raving about it. It is the latest “Greenberry Organics – The Man Soap Co. Mud Ash 3 in 1”.


Something about the brand


Greenberry Organics is a brand of “The Man Soap Co.” which is an initiative of an XLRI graduate and certified cosmetologist, and most surprisingly, yet inspiringly, a man! It is very rare to see such skin care startups by a man, and that reminds us how the world is changing!

Greenberry Organics is a brand that believes in creating fresh, natural, handmade cosmetics which are even packaged in earth friendly packaging materials (bio-degradable material). They create products in small batches to ensure their freshness and have no qualms in improving their product…

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