Restaurant Review: Busago, BKC

The Thoughts Of A Girl

It’s once again time for another food review!! We decided it was time for an awesome meal and since we were heading to Bandra, we decided to try out a much raved about cozy little place in BKC – Busago.

busagoLittle about the Place

Busago is in BKC, just next to Masala Library, behind Starbucks. It’s a small little outlet with just about 7-8 tables and a small counter at the end with a simple menu of Pan Asian favourites.

The décor is kept extremely simple, with wooden & cast iron tables and chairs. One side is a brick wall and the other is kept simple with a few wall posters showcasing details on the kind of food served.

There are small laps hanging from the ceiling over the tables, which add to the quaint look.

My Experience

The place is quite small and tables close together giving a cramped…

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