Drink Pure and Be Safe!


Today I would like to don my Microbiologist hat. I may have done multiple things during my working tenure and blogging, however, the knowledge which I have gained through my graduation plays an important part always.

In our country, hygiene is not a priority and so we face health issues which some countries may not face. Microbes or Microorganisms are of different kinds and are present across, they are omnipresent. They can be good and bad. Good ones we didn’t worry about but the bad ones can make us run for our lives.

One of the easiest ways of transmission of microbes is through the water. We use water for everything drinking, cleaning, bathing, preparation of food etc. So the chance of water contamination is not a rare possibility, thus making the way for harmful microbes and we may suffer from various water-borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid and the…

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