#Book Review: UNNS – The Captivation


Love – a four letter word, however, you can spend a lifetime in understanding the meaning of this word. It’s a world in itself. I am not a guru giving you some gyaan on love, honestly, I am no one to do that. Love is not bound by your lover only but it’s a feeling that can have multiple roles. Love is a sacrifice, it’s a feeling which can give you so much happiness and so much sadness, its magic, its tragic. It’s a lot more than we can understand. We may or may not understand the pain it gives but people who go through the pain know they don’t want to get away with it also.

Blog 143 - Book Review - UNNS The Captivation - 1.jpg

I am sure ‘Atharva Rathod’ can teach us a lot. I don’t know if such people exist on our planet sometimes. I know this book is fiction but so many times you wish…

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