Reality or Comedy? – Meet Ms. Pavitra Shetty


Blog 133 - Pavitra Shetty - 1
 Meet Ms.Pavitra Shetty who does not remain happy herself but spreads a smile across.
 Blog 133 - Pavitra Shetty - 2
Let’s know more about her journey…

My journey has been an eventful one. Lots of ups and downs, mostly ups. Stand-up Comedy has become an integral part of my life now. I cannot imagine a life without it. Going on stage has become a regular thing. The thrill, excitement and nervousness before getting on to stage all culminating into a night full of stories and happy people going back home. I consider myself very lucky to have performed at all the right places at the right time and in front of the right people thus leading to various opportunities which led to shaping me into the comic I am today. I started off by taking part in the Ladies open mic which happened once every month. I wasn’t even serious about it then…

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