Likable or Lovable or Lively? – Meet Ms. Richa Singh – Blogchatter


Blog 127 - Richa- Blogchatter - 1

All the posts in the series have been straight from the heart, however, this one is special. When I started my blogging I was alone without any background and basic knowledge. I was moving on. One glance on twitter about #Blogchatter without knowing anything changed so many things. Gave me a new beginning, a platform to learn new things and a community support. Heartfelt thanks to everyone associated with #Blogchatter and Richa of course.

” Some people bring a change through their voice and bringing people along”                 

So Meet Ms. Richa Singh the person who is a Design Engineer, Writer, Social Media Influencer and she is the face behind Blogchatter.

 Blog 127 - Richa Singh - Blogchatter - 2.JPG

Let’s know more about her journey…

For a very large part of my life I have been saying no. No to almost any sensible and naturally acceptable life choice. Given this as a background, saying yes to Blogchatter…

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