Knowledgeable? – Meet Ms. Mayura Amarkant



– So, stay truthful & remain AWESOME!”

Mayura Amarkant,
National award winner, Woman Business Leader in Digital Marketing & PR

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Meet Ms.Mayura Amarkant with so many achievements, the more I talk would be less. Success comes with hard work and she has reached great heights, she manages her home and professional commitments with equal dedication and enjoys all moments of life. Lots to learn from her for sure. Let’s get started then…


Let’s know more about her journey…

An exciting roller coaster of achievements & experiences. That is how my journey has been.

I was born to an illustrious family where education was given prime importance. It was a blessing to have great friends who shared an avid interest in academics. I watched my parents climb the success ladder as famous lawyers in Mumbai. They have been a constant source of…

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