Goal-oriented? – Meet Ms. Menaka Bharathi a.k.a SimpleIndianMom


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Meet Ms. Menaka Bharathi, a.k.a SimpleIndianMom. To describe her in short  – mother of two energetic boys, mompreneur, organic food enthusiast, blogger and a parenting consultant.

Blog 122 - Menaka - 2.jpgParenting is an art and she learnt it through with her children and now she does consulting for various methods of mindful parenting to mothers across the world. Being an Agricultural Microbiologist she deals with all the good microbes that can make your food – Healthier, Chemical free, Nutritious and the earth a better place to live in.

She believes in organic food and organic life is the need of the hour. Chemical residues in food are making them toxic and lethal for human consumption. The market is flooded with fake plastic food – rice, eggs, vegetables and what not. She takes it as a personal duty and responsibility to spread this awareness through Simple Indian Mom and has come up with SIM Organics, her…

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