Captivating or Budding Author? – Meet Ms. Gautami Shankar – a budding author


Age is just a number. You begin to achieve your milestones as you are born. Everything is an achievement waiting for celebration.

As a young girl, you have dreams in your head and a great future awaiting for you to unfold. And if your dream just takes shape you don’t have words to define them.

Meet Ms. Gautami Shankar a budding author. This 19-year-old author recently penned down a novel called “Love in the Pink City” which got published on the 14th of February.
Blog 112 - Gautami Shankar - 4.jpg
Let’s know more about her journey…

It was an amazing journey but certainly not an easy one. Sometimes, there were hurdles and bad days. And other times, things were better than I could’ve ever imagined, at times they were simply perfect. Looking back now, I think I’m happy that I didn’t give up during those bad days because it was all worth it. Also, I…

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