Review On The Go: Grandmama’s Cafe, Juhu

Delectable Reveries


A cosy place with a very welcoming ambience, with a little of bit of France thrown in the decor and Italy on the menu, thats Grandamama’s Cafe for you.

Visited the place for lunch with a friend to celebrate my birthday, and I didn’t mind waiting for an hour, as it was absolutely worth it.

14975906_10154533690061183_900086947_o The Menu

What did we order?
Firstly our food was all vegetarian, so this might be useful for all the vegetarians out there.


15044626_10154533679561183_2030057222_o Mushrooms On Toast

1. Mushrooms On Toast – served within 5-7 mins of ordering the dish, this was just perfect. Creamy mushrooms on a crunchy toast with perfectly balanced taste. Recommended!

2. Buffalo Cheese Nachos – this can be avoided. Not the best I’ve eaten so far.

15044742_10154533679426183_2134958139_o Parmesan Gnocchi

3. Parmesan Gnocchi – swimming in a pool of white cheesy sauce, the first 2-3 bites of the dish are tasty…

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