Recipe: Daal Ke Bhare Parathe

Delectable Reveries

paratha_food_11 Dal Ke Bhare Parathe

When in school, my kids always waited for winter vacations in their Dadi’s (Grandmother) house in Dehradun, for a simple reason of getting scrumptious breakfast of Daal Ke Parathe with Makkhan (fresh white butter) and mint Chutney every morning. Each day the stuffing was made of different daal to give the twist to the taste. Kitchen hustles and bustles with the early morning activity in every Garhwali household, as the favourite first meal of the day takes shape – Daal Ke Bhare Parathe.

Garhwali food is simple but undeniable tasty. It is full of different flavours and ingredients. The food is prepared in such a way which gives sufficient energy during harsh winters to the people. Also most of the ingredients are locally grown and are easily available to all. A Garhwali can turn any daal into a stuffing for the Parathas. In a typical way they…

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