Flu Season Is Here & Here Are Some Home Remedies For You

Delectable Reveries


Every couple of months, we fall prey to a host of infections in the air and invariably end up on strong antibiotics to battle our way back to health. The next time you’re dealing with a fever, a sore throat, a cold that makes you wish you’d never been born and a cough that makes it impossible for you to get your beauty sleep, skip making a visit to the doc in favour of these natural remedies instead.

For A Cold

There’s nothing worse than the common cold. It drains you of all your energy and leaves you feeling like something the cat dragged home. The next time you’re afflicted with a runny nose, garlic is your go-to guy. Take a clove or two of fresh, raw garlic and crush it or cut it into thin slivers—if you have the stomach, just chomp down on a clove—garlic produces a powerful…

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