The Kolkata Biryani: A legacy that lives in the veins of every Bengali

Delectable Reveries

kbBiryani – the one food item that unites us all. Over time, and across various forms, biryani has been loved and embraced by us all. Come to Kolkata, and  the very different city is as crazy on the middle-Eastern delicacy as the middle-East delicacies.

Biryani, though, is different here. Don’t get us wrong, biryani is a legend, and the first thing that you’ll hear about biryani is how pivotal it is to celebrations. For Calcuttans, biryani is about weekends and celebrations, about the egg and the aloo that is so coveted that other forms of biryani sound virtually tasteless. It, also, is about the euphoria of good food.

So, if you happen to be in the City of Joy, biryani is something that you will have to taste to know what it means to us, who have all grown up in this place. Funnily enough, when you mention

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